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VIP bonus prolonged
(On 23/07/20 at 5:17 pm)
We have created VIP bonus items, please feel free to use them, if the previous one expired.
» Click here and login to claim them! «
More items for you!
(On 2/07/20 at 4:05 pm)
We have created some more extra items for you in order to help you in this testing sessions! » more info
Extra items for YOU!
(On 18/06/20 at 4:10 pm)
We have created some extra items for you in order to help you in this testing sessions! Enjoy them! » more info
Help us testing the New Fort Battle formula!
(On 16/06/20 at 5:01 pm)
As we previously announced we are rebalancing our Fort Battles. We are going to test the new fort battle formula on our Event Server. If you would like to help us improve fort battles, join the battle in the event server and leave your comment/feedback here.
IFBC 3 participants can continue their character, while new players by following the link below can claim a starter chest with a lot of sets, buffs, bonds and premium bonuses.
» Start your character NOW! «
IFBC 3 - The End
(On 12/06/20 at 3:20 pm)
Congratulations for everyone! Check our forum announcement for more information about winners and prizes. » more info
(On 9/12/16 at 4:10 pm)
WARNING: This is the Event Server of The-West. Please keep in mind that once an event has ended, character data will be lost without refunds or compensation being provided.
This means: Once an event has been concluded, the world is closed and your character data will be deleted.
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